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    • #SuchaFunAge Half-way mark!

      🗣 Things just got super awkward! (Me closing out chapter 15). To start, I was extremely pleased and inspired by Alix’s career! I enjoyed how the author detailed Alix’s claim to success - from starting off writing “beautiful letters” in order to receive free merchandise, to becoming an empowering #mompreneur using her voice, helping other women, and leaning into an “untimely” breast feeding incident 😂. The character Emira (and her friends!) are some of the realest depictions of what it is to be a young black girl I’ve read thus far. I really appreciated the author for not washing the characters of black characteristics, as so many authors do. My girl was dark skinned, rocking black hair styles, taking public transportation, clubbing, twerking, and like many young girls fresh out of college, completely lost when it pertains to her career. Aside from the amazing character build up, my best takeaways were; A. In a racially charged grocery store incident (that honestly could've gone viral and promoted lawsuits), Emira decided to keep it pushing after it was proven she was in the right. To Emira, the ordeal was an issue that occurs time and time again in our society, so to push the matter further seemed to her like more of a corny claim to fame rather than an unresolved issue that needed to be righted. I appreciated this stance because I know for certain, incidences like this happen way more than reported! But like Emira, most of us just want to get on with the rest of our day, knowing one isolated incident where no one was harmed, is not going to lead into anything but a few bucks and being labeled as the next poster child for a short movement, unable to resolve the bigger issue in today’s society — that blacks are often revered as untrustworthy, problematic, and have an unspoken need to be monitored and policed by whoever fills the shoe that day. B. My next takeaway is How non-blacks/minorities are so shocked when the black people they love are put into compromising, racially charged situations. The attitude of Alix and Peter, being completely surprised and enraged after the grocery store incident is exactly how we wished people would act when it’s attached to other blacks/minorities they may not know personally. BUT instead, similar to the Alix and Robbie dynamic from Alix’s youth, it’s a “Don’t know you, don’t trust you, and you’ll probably do the crime if you haven’t done it already,” approach which is super toxic! C. And last but not least, it’s always interesting to read about biracial relationships, especially when the woman is black and male is white. Kelley’s character is my favorite. I appreciated how he rose to the occasion and stood up for Emira during the grocery store debacle. He could've instead turned a blind eye, or just stood in the wings as a bystander like you see more often than not. He’s also funny, encouraging, consenting, and truly into Emira now that they're dating. I also love that he’s pretty into black culture and understands the harsh realities black people face everyday in our society. He seems to feel the quiet loses and injustices we endure, in relation to his friends and in general, and even more important – he understands how common it is for blacks to be devalued and treated inhumanely when holding a position in a service capacity. I loved this about him! All-in-All, this book has piqued my interest a great deal. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. The authors has done a beautiful job stringing together a story line that’s easy to follow, engaging, and questions everyone's racial biases.

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    • Book Store | JaQ & Jen's Urban Book Store

      Welcome to JaQ & Jen’s Urban Book Store. Read to Learn. Read to Grow. Read to Escape. JaQ & Jen's is an independently owned, online bookstore with the strong belief that by spreading the love of literature we have the ability to change lives. Filter by Collection All Business & Economics Cultural General Fiction Health & Nutrition Memoirs Mystery & Suspense Personal Growth Poetry Romance Spiritual & Faith Summer Reads! Urban Fiction Price $9.70 $34.99 Sort by Pre-Order Quick View Life After Death (March 2, 2021) Price $21.99 Add to Cart Quick View Honey Girl Price $17.99 Add to Cart Quick View When No One is Watching Price $17.99 Add to Cart Quick View A Promised Land Price $34.99 Add to Cart Quick View Black Fatigue Price $17.99 Add to Cart Quick View The Black Unicorn Price $17.99 Add to Cart Quick View Transcendent Kingdom Price $21.99 Add to Cart Quick View Ties That Tether Price $17.99 Add to Cart Quick View The Color of Law Price $17.95 Add to Cart Quick View Homegoing Price $16.99 Add to Cart Quick View Hood Feminism Price $21.99 Add to Cart Quick View His Only Wife Price $20.99 Add to Cart Load More View All Products

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      Quick View "The Main Character" Women's T-shirt Price $30.00 Add to Cart Quick View :The Main Character" Bubble-free stickers Price $3.00 Add to Cart Quick View "The Main Character" Crop Hoodie Price $40.00 Add to Cart Quick View "Gangsta" Bubble-free stickers Price $3.00 Add to Cart Quick View "The Main Character" Distressed Dad Hat Price $25.00 Add to Cart Quick View "The Main Character" Embroidered Denim T-Shirt Price $30.00 Add to Cart Quick View "The Main Character" Distressed Dad Hat | Otto Cap Price $25.00 Add to Cart Quick View "The Main Character" Men's Denim T-Shirt Price $35.00 Add to Cart Quick View "Romance Lover" Bubble-free stickers Price $3.00 Add to Cart

    • Affiliations, Etc. | JaQ & Jen's

      Affiliations, Partnerships, and Community Involvement Affiliations, Partners, and Community Involvement Canalside: Creators on the Boardwalk JaQ & Jen's Urban Book Store was featured as a guest vendor at Canalside's, "Creators on the Boardwalk," held at Buffalo's Waterfront. ​ The event featured an assortment of vendors and local farmers showcasing their best work. Guests also enjoyed food provided by local food trucks and live music by some of the best local talent. ​ The event is held monthly during our warm season (June-August) on the newly renovated boardwalk. ​ BOOKSHOP.ORG BOOKSHOP.ORG is an online platform supporting independent bookstores in the fragile ecosystem of bookselling in an ever changing world. Their initiative is to keep local bookstores standing as an integral part of our culture and growing communities. We’re happy to announce that we've partnered in the creation of an Affiliate's page on the's growing platform. In the creation of this page (located at saw fit to provide our readers with a broader selection of phenomenal books. Our readers are able to order titles that may not be available or are listed as "sold out" on our main website., we BNMC: BUFFALO CONNECT In March of 2020, we had the opportunity to be a vendor and guest speaker at BNMC’s "Buffalo Connect: Networking Event," for entrepreneurs and local professionals. The event space known as "dig @ The Innovation Center," is owned and operated by BNMC (Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc). This space facilitates the collaboration among diverse groups of professionals – rooted in science, business, technology, and medical professions; in order to generate and nurture new ideas that can grow into great companies. Black Author Book Drive JaQ & Jen’s Urban Bookstore is a sponsor of the Black Author Book Drive, held annually in Philadelphia, PA. The event is hosted by a combination of black authors and educators, bringing together vendors and speakers with the common goal of uplifting and educating the surrounding communities. The first book drive was held at the Charter High School for Architecture and Design in the heart of Philly. Writer's Block: Meet the Authors Book Expo In September of 2019, JaQ & Jen's Urban Book Store came on board as a vendor for, "The Writer's Block: Meet the Authors," Book Expo hosted by Salon Talk Podcast. At the event we not only put books in the hands of many readers and community members - we challenged the attendees to decide, "What Book Changed Your Life?" It was a big hit and turned out to be a great ice breaker into reading - a subject people aren't accustomed to diving into socially. And for many guests who hadn't experienced the inner change or effects of reading a book that challenged the way they think, we had the novel opportunity to encourage and make it easy for them to get started. 180 Change Street: Street Retreat JaQ & Jen's Urban Book Store is a partner of 180 Change Street, a social enterprise located in Toronto, Ontario. ​ Collaborating for the quarterly event known as the #StreetRetreat, JaQ & Jen’s Urban Book Club was brought on board as a literary component. Our objective is to foster relationships between the urban youth and reading through use of literature more relatable to their experiences. 180 Change Street is a social enterprise that focuses on trauma, mental health, and bereavement through prevention, intervention, and reintegration services. 180 Change Street inspires positive change in a safe space that encourages self-improvement and personal development.Their core philosophy is to "turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones for success." Our goal is to continue to push their 180 Change Street's programming in education and literacy to the next level. for more information, click the link below.

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