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JaQ & Jen’s Urban Book Store, LLC is an online, independent bookstore located in Buffalo, New York. We strive to keep amazing novels and works of literature at the forefront of our bookstore. We support mainstream, self-published, and other works of literature by minority authors, or those in sectors uplifting urban communities.


Humble Beginnings


JaQ & Jen’s Urban Book Store started as “JaQ & Jen’s Urban Book Club,” in January of 2018. We arranged monthly brunches, bringing together groups of women to discuss literature and many issues plaguing our communities.


We quickly realized how heartfelt and powerful our discussions were. Seeing women connecting, networking, and pouring love into one another started changing the lives of the women apart of our club. New businesses were supported, new friendships were forged, and we were reminded monthly how impactful our club was. Now, we seek to give more people a similar experience and opportunity.


Today, JaQ & Jen’s now operates as an online platform, getting books in the hands of those who believe literature can change lives. We strive to turn more people from our communities into #LITlovers (lovers of literature) one book at a time, while supporting authors who write with purpose and for the people. 


Our Urban Book Club still operates today as a virtual book club where we ask our followers to #ReadWithUs. We select one book a month and conduct live book reviews, posted to our social media platforms and invite readers to share their reviews.


Every book we sell is special to us. Every book review we receive is a confirmation that we are in alignment with our purpose. Please continue to share and support us in our ongoing effort to spread the love of literature within our underserved communities.




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